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    Fast Field Is Coming

    Here’s a glimpse at some of the amazing feet from last year’s Magnificent Mile Race before they became a blur. We have an incredible elite field coming together this year.  Local heroes gone international like Bobby Mack and Sandy Roberts will be racing, as will newcomers Donnie Cowart, who broke four minutes in the Sir […]

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    Keeping It Local

    We’re excited to announce that the beneficiary of this year’s Mag Mile is the Jim “Catfish” Hunter Chapter of the ALS Association. The Catfish Hunter does absolutely incredible things for individuals and families in North Carolina who are affected by motor neuron disease. In fact, 77% of its annual budget goes towards local programs right […]

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Ice, Ice Baby

Talk about a “cool” way to raise money for ALS — the Ice Bucket Challenge has been absolutely incredible!  As of this morning, the ice bucket challenges across the country have raised $15.6 million for the ALS Association. Help us add another $40K to the pot by taking a moment to donate. We’re almost at […]

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Elites Amass for Mag Mile

As the NC-USATF State Championship, The Magnificent Mile Race draws some incredible runners. State records for both men and women have been set on our course, as well as multiple age-group records. Bobby Mack set and still holds the men’s record, which he set in 2009 with a time of 4:10.  On the women’s side, Brittany […]

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Street Fair on Harrington

What’s more fun than a block party? A block party taking place alongside an exciting mile race! As we have for the last several years, we will once again have our Street Fair on Harrington. Many thanks to The Q Shack for providing outstanding food, and to Planet Smoothie for delicious beverages. We’ll also have […]

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Beginners Are Welcome

One of the many beauties of the mile is its accessibility. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, simply want to enjoy an afternoon stroll, or happen to be a serious endorphin junkie, the mile meets your need. Many beginner running groups have taken part in The Magnificent Mile Race, including Capital RunWalk’s Fit-tastic and […]


Featuring Mag Mile Race 2014!

To quote Logan Roberts, one of the Sir Walter Miler organizers, the mile is alive and well in Raleigh, NC. Our fair city is hosting not one but two featured mile races — Mag Mile and Sir Walter Miler — in 2014. Both are part of a growing movement spearheaded by an organization called Bring Back […]